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Buying And Picking A Bridal Gown

As a bride who’s getting married, there are many things that need to go into your consideration list when buying a bridal gown in Singapore.

  1. Always make sure to know your body shape so that you can find the best wedding dress for your body type. This is because when it comes to buying a wedding gown that looks good, the key is to wear one which flatters your body shape. Even though a particular dress may look very good on a curvy woman, it might not look as good on a woman with a rectangular body shape. Vice versa, a wedding dress that looks astoundingly good on a slim woman might not look good on a plump lady.
  2. Is white the ideal choice for you? Although a white wedding dress is still the common choice, there are women who prefer gowns which are of a different colour. Most women thus opt for 2 wedding gowns – one is white while the other one is usually either a much more vibrant color or an elegant color like maroon red or dark blue.
  3. Generally speaking, a dress with a frilly bust area are meant for women who have a flatter chest. This is because the frills at the bust area will give the illusion that it is bigger than it really is. However, if a busty lady were to wear such a wedding gown with so much frills at the bust area, she might appear to be too top-heavy and either make her look off-balance or look fat.
  4. Some ladies, for whatever reason, want to purchase or rent a wedding gown one or two size smaller than they are. Don’t do this weird thing. There is no value in trying to prove to yourself that you can fit into a smaller sized wedding gown if you look worse as a result. What you want is to look great in your bridal photographs as well as look amazing on your wedding day!
  5. Just ask the wedding gown boutique helper. There will always be an assistant to help you look at your body shape and size and choose the right gown for you. His or her judgement would definitely be relatively accurate as long as you pick a good bridal boutique. Trust them after you make the decision of picking that particular shop.

Negotiating with a local wedding photography company

If you are coming to Singapore for your wedding photo shoot, there are some things you will need to take note when negotiating with a Singapore local wedding photography company. Remember not to sign up your wedding photography package with any wedding photography studio so easily and hastily. Do your homework duly. There are so many wedding photography studios in Singapore and there are bound to be a few which will meet your expectations in terms of quality and prices. After collating a list of wedding photography studios which you believe will produce quality wedding photographs, it’s time to negotiate with each studio for better terms and conditions for you.

Here are some of the things to take note when negotiating with a Singapore local wedding photography company:

1. Take note of the services and products included in each photography package. How many hours of wedding photo shoot does the package includes? How many photographers will be present at the wedding photo shoot? Are make-up services included? Are transportation services included? How many photographs can you choose to be processed? Are the printing of the albums and frames included in the photography package? Do not just compare the prices of two packages without looking deeper into these details. A package with more services and products included should be pricey than one with fewer services and products.

2. Be careful of the photography copyright clauses. Some wedding photography studio will state explicitly in the purchase contract that they will own the copyright entirely and forbid the couples to produce any photographs outside without their permission. It may be too restrictive for the couples in this case. Try to negotiate for a looser terms such as sharing the copyright with you for a period of at least 3 months after the wedding photo shoot.

3. Check whether there are any hidden costs stated in the purchase contract which are not mentioned to you during the sales pitch. If you spot any, try to negotiate to have them waived instead.

Popular Pre-wedding photoshoot locations In Singapore

The following are where most Vietnamese couples go to within Singapore for their pre-wedding photography. These are also hot spot locations for couples in Singapore to take their local pre-wedding photographs. Regardless, here are spots that you and your fiance must look out for if you want to take really beautiful wedding photographs in Singapore!

upper seletar reservoir wedding photo

1. Upper Seletar Reservoir –> A gorgeous and secluded location in Singapore, this reservoir and the surrounding parks make for a very serene and calm feeling and is a perfect place for Vietnamese couples who are looking for a quieter place in Singapore to take their wedding photos  at.

Marina Bay Sands rooftop wedding photo

2. Marina Bay Sands rooftop. Although I recommend you pick a day with clear blue skies to take this photograph at the top of the Marina Bay Sands building, I know that is not possible to predict. Nonetheless, I think if you engage the right Singapore wedding photographer, he or she would be able to help you capture an equally stunning and absolutely amazing wedding photograph.

rural wedding photo shoot in singapore

3. Tuas – There are many beautiful locations in Singapore that are less well known for wedding photographs – even to locals. Tuas is one of these unique locations that few people know about. A lot of Vietnamese couples actually love this place, and I recommend that you check it out if you love nature.

If you have not already noticed, nearly all the places I recommend you for your pre-wedding photo shoots are outdoors. This is because Singapore is a small island, and that gives you a great opportunity for you and your fiance to explore the island for your wedding photo shoot. There is a reason why outdoor wedding photo shoots are more popular in Singapore – because it is much more convenient to move from one outdoor spot to another in Singapore versus Vietnam (because it is a larger country).

To do list when coming to Singapore for your wedding videography

If you have decided to have your wedding videography taken in Singapore, good for you! You have definitely made the right choice. There are a lot of people in the less developed countries in the Asia region such as Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and India coming to Singapore to engage the wedding videography Singapore services here. High professionalism and great scenic urban locations are the two most commonly cited reasons behind their decisions to engage the wedding services here.

It will most probably be your first time taking part in a wedding videography, not to mention doing it in a foreign land. You may feel flustered, lost and nervous at the same time at the thought of coming to Singapore for your wedding videography. But fret not, here’s a to do list generated by myself to help foreigners get prepared for their wedding videography in Singapore.

1. If you have engaged a wedding videographer from Singapore, you can ask him/her directly for tips on accommodation and sight-seeing around Singapore. As a local, he will be the best person to recommend you great hotels and fantastic places in Singapore for you to visit while you are here.

2. Delegate the job of navigating around Singapore to your wedding videographer. All you have to do will just be following him around. You need to feel completely relaxed and happy. That is very important so that you will look naturally better during the wedding video shoot.

3. If you are buying or renting the wedding gowns and suits from a wedding boutique in your home country, remember to pack them into your luggage and bring them along to Singapore. Once you arrive in Singapore, you may need to iron the clothes again to ensure they are crisp-clear and ready for a good video shoot. If you are renting your wedding gowns and suits in Singapore, then you do not have to worry much. Simply head over to Singapore, rent the gowns and suits from a local boutique there, and you are all set to go for your wedding video shoot directly.

4. Prepare more sunblock lotions as Singapore is well known to be a sunny island!

5. You may want your video shoot to take place in the evenings if you sweat easily. The humid weather in Singapore makes you sweat easily and may affect your mood for the video shoot.

Why Vietnamese Couples Love Singapore Wedding Photography

Having spoken to people all around the world, I realized that Vietnamese people truly love having their wedding photographs with their fiances taken in Singapore and there are a good many reasons why for this.

First of all, to take both wedding photographs with a modern, city backdrop as well as bridal images with a rural or nature backdrop is really difficult in Vietnam. This is because despite the beauty of Vietnam, the place is big and to travel between the city and the countryside will take a lot of time and possibly a few days to do it well. This means unnecessary expenditure for couples looking to take their wedding photographs due to extra days of accommodation and traveling. However, with Singapore, there are rural and city backdrops within minutes of each other. This makes things very convenient for couples who want the best of both worlds. To add on, Singapore has relatively good traffic, and no terrible traffic jams which might occur in Vietnam quite frequently. This means that the couples would experience smoother traveling too on top of only needing one day for an entire pre-wedding photo shoot session.

Second of all, photographers in Singapore are equally professional. Studios like Grandeur Wedding Studio take amazing photographs by hiring top people and wedding photographers from all around the world to help couples take their photoshoots in Singapore. You have no lack of good photographers and studios in Singapore to help couples take amazing photographs. In fact, because Singapore is small and the population is also relatively small, hence studios and companies are very careful with providing fantastic levels of services if they want their business to grow, because any bad rumours would be disastrous for them. Hence, rest assured that if you’re a Vietnamese and would like to explore Singapore as a choice destination for your wedding photo shoot, you would be able to easily find a competent studio or bridal photographer and receive tremendous service.

Check out this video showing a behind the scenes look of a foreigner couple taking their pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore. Hopefully that will enlighten you further if you’re considering Singapore as a location for your bridal shoot!

Choose A Wedding Photography Studio Or Photographer?

When it comes to your wedding photoshoot, should you really choose a wedding photography studio in Singapore or just ask a single wedding photographer to help you take the images of you and your spouse?

I would highly recommend you to pick a studio and the following are the reasons why.

First of all, if you only engaged a single wedding photographer for your actual day wedding photoshoot, it is very dangerous because any kind of accident or illness can happen to that photographer. In the unfortunate (though unlikely) case that it happens, you would be unable to proceed with your AD photography. However, if you were to engage a reputable wedding photography studio, you would be able to get a replacement in the unfortunate event something like that actually happens.

Second of all, companies or wedding photography studios will be much more accountable and efficient because they have more than 1 person operating. This means that in the event you need the photos or want to know the status of the editing, you would be able to get a better response. For a photographer, he or she may be too busy with both the sales / customer service side as well as the operations side and he or she might not be able to reply you efficiently.

Third of all, when it comes to a wedding photography studio, you can rest assured that the company will feel compelled only to hire good photographers or they would receive a lot of bad reviews. However, if you only engaged a single photographer, what you would find is that the photographer’s attitude and quality is fixed, so you have got to stick to it once you choose to hire him or her.

All in all, I would really recommend you to consider getting the services of a wedding photography Singapore company instead of only a single bridal photographer. That is the smarter and wiser choice :)

Wedding Photography Vs Videography

Should you get both wedding photography and videography or one of them? And if you were to pick one of them, which one should you go for? After that, which company should you hire or photographer should you engage to help you take your wedding photos and/or videos?

There are so many questions that a engaged couple will be asking due to the vast amounts of logistics and things that they need to sort out for their wedding event (or even pre-wedding photo or video shoot).

Engaging a professional bridal company like would solve your issues. But anyhow, let us discuss.

How much is your budget? Take note that videography would often cost equally much as photography, and because a normal bridal photo package costs around $2000 to $2500, you would ideally need to have $5000 budget for photo and video (for one day only – e.g. either AD or pre-wedding). This is obviously one of the biggest factors if you are not a high income earner.

Secondly, assuming you have the necessary budget, what do you and your spouse thinks of getting a photo and video? If you want it, then you must get it. This is because you already have the necessary budget so money is not an issue – whether you want it or not is the issue so make the decision based on that.

Third of all, if you still want to take a video as well, then should you go for both videography and photography or only one of them? I would recommend most couples in Singapore to get both. This is because you definitely want a photographer for your wedding events so that you can browse through them easily as well as frame some of the images up. To add on, a video is good because you can capture the emotions, movements and laughter at the wedding event which a photograph might not be able to capture fully.

Singapore wedding photography services

If you engaged and are looking for professional wedding photography services in Singapore to help you out for either your ROM, pre-wedding or even actual day photography, then you must have a lot of questions in your mind. In this post, I’ll seek to answer as many of them as humanly possible.

1) How much should my budget be for a professional wedding photographer in Singapore?

Smart question, the rates are different for most countries. Alright, in Singapore, I would have to say that I have seen some as cheap as $1000, but that’s only for one event and is usually by a relatively novice bridal photographer. Moving up slightly, most average wedding photography packages in Singapore will cost you around $2000. Anywhere between $1800 to $2300 is rather average in Singapore. That would be able to get you around 8 hours worth of bridal photography if you’re talking about actual day (AD) photography. The high end one costs around $3000.

2) What kind of things should I look out for when engaging a bridal photographer? (assuming we’re talking about AD shoots).

First of all, you want to make sure that you like the types of photographs that the particular photographer or studio has taken. You must like them as every studio’s style is somewhat different and you cannot go to a particular studio just because your friend owns it or is the photographer but expect him or her to capture entirely different style of wedding photographs for you. Most photographers have a particular style, and though they can deviate from it, they might not deviate a whole lot so you don’t want to end up getting a rude shock. Make sure you like their portfolio first.

Second of all, make sure that you clarify everything that’s provided by his or her services. Sometimes, they only edit or color correct a certain number of photos e.t.c. There is no right or wrong answer here – you just need to know what they offer and be comfortable with it.

3) Teach me how to negotiate cheaper deals for my wedding photographs?

Would you negotiate for a lousier spouse? No, so why would you want to negotiate and skimp on fees so much that you feel shortchanged in the end by the quality of the photos taken at the end too?