Why Vietnamese Couples Love Singapore Wedding Photography

Having spoken to people all around the world, I realized that Vietnamese people truly love having their wedding photographs with their fiances taken in Singapore and there are a good many reasons why for this.

First of all, to take both wedding photographs with a modern, city backdrop as well as bridal images with a rural or nature backdrop is really difficult in Vietnam. This is because despite the beauty of Vietnam, the place is big and to travel between the city and the countryside will take a lot of time and possibly a few days to do it well. This means unnecessary expenditure for couples looking to take their wedding photographs due to extra days of accommodation and traveling. However, with Singapore, there are rural and city backdrops within minutes of each other. This makes things very convenient for couples who want the best of both worlds. To add on, Singapore has relatively good traffic, and no terrible traffic jams which might occur in Vietnam quite frequently. This means that the couples would experience smoother traveling too on top of only needing one day for an entire pre-wedding photo shoot session.

Second of all, photographers in Singapore are equally professional. Studios like Grandeur Wedding Studio take amazing photographs by hiring top people and wedding photographers from all around the world to help couples take their photoshoots in Singapore. You have no lack of good photographers and studios in Singapore to help couples take amazing photographs. In fact, because Singapore is small and the population is also relatively small, hence studios and companies are very careful with providing fantastic levels of services if they want their business to grow, because any bad rumours would be disastrous for them. Hence, rest assured that if you’re a Vietnamese and would like to explore Singapore as a choice destination for your wedding photo shoot, you would be able to easily find a competent studio or bridal photographer and receive tremendous service.

Check out this video showing a behind the scenes look of a foreigner couple taking their pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore. Hopefully that will enlighten you further if you’re considering Singapore as a location for your bridal shoot!

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