To do list when coming to Singapore for your wedding videography

If you have decided to have your wedding videography taken in Singapore, good for you! You have definitely made the right choice. There are a lot of people in the less developed countries in the Asia region such as Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and India coming to Singapore to engage the wedding videography Singapore services here. High professionalism and great scenic urban locations are the two most commonly cited reasons behind their decisions to engage the wedding services here.

It will most probably be your first time taking part in a wedding videography, not to mention doing it in a foreign land. You may feel flustered, lost and nervous at the same time at the thought of coming to Singapore for your wedding videography. But fret not, here’s a to do list generated by myself to help foreigners get prepared for their wedding videography in Singapore.

1. If you have engaged a wedding videographer from Singapore, you can ask him/her directly for tips on accommodation and sight-seeing around Singapore. As a local, he will be the best person to recommend you great hotels and fantastic places in Singapore for you to visit while you are here.

2. Delegate the job of navigating around Singapore to your wedding videographer. All you have to do will just be following him around. You need to feel completely relaxed and happy. That is very important so that you will look naturally better during the wedding video shoot.

3. If you are buying or renting the wedding gowns and suits from a wedding boutique in your home country, remember to pack them into your luggage and bring them along to Singapore. Once you arrive in Singapore, you may need to iron the clothes again to ensure they are crisp-clear and ready for a good video shoot. If you are renting your wedding gowns and suits in Singapore, then you do not have to worry much. Simply head over to Singapore, rent the gowns and suits from a local boutique there, and you are all set to go for your wedding video shoot directly.

4. Prepare more sunblock lotions as Singapore is well known to be a sunny island!

5. You may want your video shoot to take place in the evenings if you sweat easily. The humid weather in Singapore makes you sweat easily and may affect your mood for the video shoot.

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