Negotiating with a local wedding photography company

If you are coming to Singapore for your wedding photo shoot, there are some things you will need to take note when negotiating with a Singapore local wedding photography company. Remember not to sign up your wedding photography package with any wedding photography studio so easily and hastily. Do your homework duly. There are so many wedding photography studios in Singapore and there are bound to be a few which will meet your expectations in terms of quality and prices. After collating a list of wedding photography studios which you believe will produce quality wedding photographs, it’s time to negotiate with each studio for better terms and conditions for you.

Here are some of the things to take note when negotiating with a Singapore local wedding photography company:

1. Take note of the services and products included in each photography package. How many hours of wedding photo shoot does the package includes? How many photographers will be present at the wedding photo shoot? Are make-up services included? Are transportation services included? How many photographs can you choose to be processed? Are the printing of the albums and frames included in the photography package? Do not just compare the prices of two packages without looking deeper into these details. A package with more services and products included should be pricey than one with fewer services and products.

2. Be careful of the photography copyright clauses. Some wedding photography studio will state explicitly in the purchase contract that they will own the copyright entirely and forbid the couples to produce any photographs outside without their permission. It may be too restrictive for the couples in this case. Try to negotiate for a looser terms such as sharing the copyright with you for a period of at least 3 months after the wedding photo shoot.

3. Check whether there are any hidden costs stated in the purchase contract which are not mentioned to you during the sales pitch. If you spot any, try to negotiate to have them waived instead.

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