Buying And Picking A Bridal Gown

As a bride who’s getting married, there are many things that need to go into your consideration list when buying a bridal gown in Singapore.

  1. Always make sure to know your body shape so that you can find the best wedding dress for your body type. This is because when it comes to buying a wedding gown that looks good, the key is to wear one which flatters your body shape. Even though a particular dress may look very good on a curvy woman, it might not look as good on a woman with a rectangular body shape. Vice versa, a wedding dress that looks astoundingly good on a slim woman might not look good on a plump lady.
  2. Is white the ideal choice for you? Although a white wedding dress is still the common choice, there are women who prefer gowns which are of a different colour. Most women thus opt for 2 wedding gowns – one is white while the other one is usually either a much more vibrant color or an elegant color like maroon red or dark blue.
  3. Generally speaking, a dress with a frilly bust area are meant for women who have a flatter chest. This is because the frills at the bust area will give the illusion that it is bigger than it really is. However, if a busty lady were to wear such a wedding gown with so much frills at the bust area, she might appear to be too top-heavy and either make her look off-balance or look fat.
  4. Some ladies, for whatever reason, want to purchase or rent a wedding gown one or two size smaller than they are. Don’t do this weird thing. There is no value in trying to prove to yourself that you can fit into a smaller sized wedding gown if you look worse as a result. What you want is to look great in your bridal photographs as well as look amazing on your wedding day!
  5. Just ask the wedding gown boutique helper. There will always be an assistant to help you look at your body shape and size and choose the right gown for you. His or her judgement would definitely be relatively accurate as long as you pick a good bridal boutique. Trust them after you make the decision of picking that particular shop.

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