Wedding Photography Vs Videography

Should you get both wedding photography and videography or one of them? And if you were to pick one of them, which one should you go for? After that, which company should you hire or photographer should you engage to help you take your wedding photos and/or videos?

There are so many questions that a engaged couple will be asking due to the vast amounts of logistics and things that they need to sort out for their wedding event (or even pre-wedding photo or video shoot).

Engaging a professional bridal company like would solve your issues. But anyhow, let us discuss.

How much is your budget? Take note that videography would often cost equally much as photography, and because a normal bridal photo package costs around $2000 to $2500, you would ideally need to have $5000 budget for photo and video (for one day only – e.g. either AD or pre-wedding). This is obviously one of the biggest factors if you are not a high income earner.

Secondly, assuming you have the necessary budget, what do you and your spouse thinks of getting a photo and video? If you want it, then you must get it. This is because you already have the necessary budget so money is not an issue – whether you want it or not is the issue so make the decision based on that.

Third of all, if you still want to take a video as well, then should you go for both videography and photography or only one of them? I would recommend most couples in Singapore to get both. This is because you definitely want a photographer for your wedding events so that you can browse through them easily as well as frame some of the images up. To add on, a video is good because you can capture the emotions, movements and laughter at the wedding event which a photograph might not be able to capture fully.

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