Singapore wedding photography services

If you engaged and are looking for professional wedding photography services in Singapore to help you out for either your ROM, pre-wedding or even actual day photography, then you must have a lot of questions in your mind. In this post, I’ll seek to answer as many of them as humanly possible.

1) How much should my budget be for a professional wedding photographer in Singapore?

Smart question, the rates are different for most countries. Alright, in Singapore, I would have to say that I have seen some as cheap as $1000, but that’s only for one event and is usually by a relatively novice bridal photographer. Moving up slightly, most average wedding photography packages in Singapore will cost you around $2000. Anywhere between $1800 to $2300 is rather average in Singapore. That would be able to get you around 8 hours worth of bridal photography if you’re talking about actual day (AD) photography. The high end one costs around $3000.

2) What kind of things should I look out for when engaging a bridal photographer? (assuming we’re talking about AD shoots).

First of all, you want to make sure that you like the types of photographs that the particular photographer or studio has taken. You must like them as every studio’s style is somewhat different and you cannot go to a particular studio just because your friend owns it or is the photographer but expect him or her to capture entirely different style of wedding photographs for you. Most photographers have a particular style, and though they can deviate from it, they might not deviate a whole lot so you don’t want to end up getting a rude shock. Make sure you like their portfolio first.

Second of all, make sure that you clarify everything that’s provided by his or her services. Sometimes, they only edit or color correct a certain number of photos e.t.c. There is no right or wrong answer here – you just need to know what they offer and be comfortable with it.

3) Teach me how to negotiate cheaper deals for my wedding photographs?

Would you negotiate for a lousier spouse? No, so why would you want to negotiate and skimp on fees so much that you feel shortchanged in the end by the quality of the photos taken at the end too?

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